About us

Non - metal chemical machinery plant co. LTD was established in 1957 in Yixing, Jiangsu. Later in 2001, it was converted from State-owned enterprises into joint-stock enterprises. The enterprise covers an area of 150,000 m2, including a research institute, a new material research h center, a new material laboratory and three branch factories with more than 500 employees. Our company focuses on the scientific and technological innovation. we own one provincial engineering and technology research center of non-metallic materials and undertake more than 10 technological projects above the provincial level, including:
2 projects in national 863 program,
6 national science and technology innovation fund projects
4 projects in national and provincial torch program and etc.


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  • Ceramic honeycomb

  • HTG ceramic filter

  • Pumps series products

  • Inorganic ceramic membrane

  • high temperature ceramic membr

  • Sulfuric acid absorption tower

  • GTM ceramic jet mill

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